Nockturnal Lighted Nocks

Why choose Nockturnal? Shoot it at dusk, and with 20+ hours of battery life, you can still find your arrow the next day. Nocks can go straight form the package to the shaft in fully operational condition. No prep work needed. Just insert it, and you are ready to shoot. Piston driven contact switch ensures L.E.D. illumination every time. Waterproof and shock resistant design is second to none. Shoot it at dusk, and with 20+ hours of battery life, you can still find your arrow the next day.

B Stinger Stabilizers

Engineered with precision and adjustability, the Pro Hunter and Sport Hunter Xtreme meet the demands of the true hardcore bow hunter. Bee Stinger hunting stabilizers attack both vibration and stabilization for a superior hunting set-up. Bee Stinger Stabilizers are fabricated with high-performance Smart Carbon Technology™. We took a winning concept and modified it to create the ultimate in target stabilizers.

Axion Stabilizers

Axion Archery's innovation continues with a lighter cnc machined frame that houses multiple mathews harmonic stabilizers. These great looking stabilizers offer noise and vibration reduction and incorporate a picatinny mounting rail. The GLZ Gridlock Stabilizer is the first stabilizer on the market to feature Mathews Harmonic Stabilizers. This new triangular shaped stabilizer is for the archer who wants the best in stabilizing with a futuristic look

KTech Stabilizers

KTECH DESIGN is focused on providing high quality products and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. All of our patent pending stabilizers are 100% CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum ensuring the peace of mind serious archers and hunters demand from their equipment.

Hooyman Tree Saws

If you’re a hunter you have, no doubt, experienced a time where there was a branch or two that was just out of arms reach blocking a shooting lane. The Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw allows you to safely reach and cut those branches making for clear shooting. The revolutionary telescoping extension system is sturdy and adjustable. Hooyman’s exclusive positive locking design features individual sections that lock down individually, This gives you the ability to adjust length and assures the extension won't flex or collapse.

Nextorch Flashlights

Since our inception, NEXTORCH’s sole focus has been to produce superior portablelighting products. Utilizing the most advanced lighting technology, we incorporate the brightest light sources available while reaching maximum efficiency for the power supply. For durability, longevity and lightweight, ergonomic carry, NEXTORCH flashlights are housed in rugged aluminum bodies produced of aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum with Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized finish. Simply put, NEXTORCH offer “The Brilliant Solution” for portable lighting products which are powerful, efficient, reliable and compact.

Heater Body Suit

Heater Body Suit hunting garments work by trapping your body heat, which creates an envelope of warm air. There is no need to worry about wires, buying endless batteries or heat pack, which will only SAVE YOU MONEY in the end! The design is similar to a sleeping bag, but this suit is tailored to your body, as it comes in 6 different sizes. The Heater Body Suit has adjustable elastic straps that criss-cross over your chest, which keeps the suit from falling to your knees and allows the suit to naturally go behind.


While activated carbon adsorbs the vast majority of odors generated by the human body, zeolite is another component that can adsorb some compounds better than activated carbon. These odor compounds are typically very small molecules and represent a small part of the human odor signature. Scentlok uses a combination of both activated carbon and zeolite.