Millenium Treestands

Millennium Stands have long been recognized as the most comfortable stands on the market. From Texas to Alberta and South Carolina to Idaho, outfitters and guides know the best way to increase your chances in seeing a trophy animal is to sit in a prime location from sun up until sun down. Millennium stands are engineered for that purpose - to be the most comfortable and quietest stands period. Every angle, hinge and weld has been tested under the most extreme conditions by the most cynical and scrutinizing hunters. Each Millennium is the best compromise of weight, quietness, strength, security and comfort for its intended use.

Maverick Blinds

Maverick Blinds offer a unique line of hard blinds to help you enjoy and maximize your hunting experience. Key benefits include:

  • No yearly setup and takedown
  • No more re-buying or repairs on soft blinds
  • Window design to shoot out of all 8 windows with bow and gun
  • Circular design means NO blind spots
  • Designed to last a lifetime!

Covert Hunting Blinds

Covert Blinds are a 2-Man Hub Blind featuring Havoc Plus camouflage. They have full view shooting windows combined with standard shooting ports. Covert Blinds do it all.

Barronett Blinds

At a full 7 feet tall, the Big Mike™ XT allows nearly any archer to shoot while standing, and as many as three people can hunt in comfort with the 62 by 62-inch footprint. The Grounder™ 350 is our largest blind, while still being quick to set-up, portable and reliable.